Dot8 Studio

Custom Engine

Dot8 Studio actively maintains and uses a custom engine for all apps.

  • C/C++: deploys to iOS, Android, Linux, Windows Desktop/Phone
  • Optimized for speed and memory efficiency
  • Linux Servers (User, Logic, Push Notification, Data Storage and more)
  • Microphone, Camera (video and photo recording), Gallery
  • In App Purchase System
  • Geolocation Service
  • Graphics System with OpenGL ES/DirectX, PVR4, ETC1, custom texture formats, ParticleSystem
  • Sound System custom mixer and microphone recording
  • File System with containers
  • Network System (RAW, HTTP, HTTP2, FTP)
  • Input System: Touch, Gesture, Motion, Mouse
  • Timer System: timing, performance, calender, world time and more
  • Localization System
  • Custom Containers for Pointers, Lists, Array, Data, Dynamic Storage
  • optional Ads supported with Google AdMob
  • optional Analytics supported with Google Analytics
  • optional motion video playback

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